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General Overview of Apps: Origin and Current Market

It’s been a full 16 years since the term “app” first entered the German-speaking world. In 2008, Apple developed “small” computer programs for the iPhone, and ever since then, the term has become established when we talk about applications. We all remember classics like Talking Tom, Fruit Ninja, or the Beer Simulator. Since then, the market has continued to grow steadily and rapidly: social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok have long held the top spots in downloads, apps like Temu or TrendYol dominate the e-commerce market, and games like Clash of Clans and Roblox ignite excitement among gaming fans.

App Development Process

Despite all these brilliant ideas, the market is far from being saturated – on the contrary, app development is more in demand than ever, requiring not only great ideas but also a competent team of supporters, developers, and designers.

If you’re interested in the process behind a finished app or considering bringing your vision to the app stores, then this blog is for you. Here, we’ll focus on the to-dos and the process for developing a mature and marketable app.

Perhaps you also want to develop an app? If you decide to turn your idea into reality with us at Deep5, here’s how we proceed:

  1. Consultation, Strategy & Concept
  2. UI/UX Design
  3. Development
  4. Testing & Analytics
  5. App Store Release & Optimization

Do you want a mobile app? A web app? A desktop app? Or all of them? So, let’s meet online or directly at our office in Braunschweig for the initial steps of your app development, and discuss your wishes and ideas from A to Z.

Native Apps vs. Cross-platform Apps

In the initial phase, we’ll focus on how to optimally implement your idea in terms of development. We have the choice between native and cross-platform development.

Native apps are specifically developed for a particular operating system, whereas cross-platform apps are compatible with all operating systems and platforms using a single codebase.

Whatever your choice, you won’t compromise on performance with us if you opt for cross-platform development. On the contrary, through modern and innovative frameworks like Flutter, we offer you comprehensive quality at lower costs and ensure that your app shines on all platforms.

UI/UX Design

Next, we’ll plan the User Experience Design (UX) of your app: based on the personas you want to reach with your idea, we’ll create wireframes and low-fidelity mockups, and finally, we’ll take care of the User Interface Design (UI) that aesthetically completes this part of the process. There are no limits to your and our creativity here. Together, we can experiment with buttons, animations, or interactive elements, for example.

Software Development

Once the framework is set, we need to fill it with code and bring your idea to life. This leads us to development: backend, frontend, and API. Our experienced team approaches this task with passion to get the best out of it for you and your product, true to our motto “From code to magic”.


Subsequently, your app will undergo a comprehensive check to provide you with smoothly functioning software. At the same time, we’ll implement reliable analytics tools for the continuous optimization of the end product.

App Store Release

When you’re satisfied with everything, we’ll launch your app together in your desired stores, and it’ll be ready for the market.

Wondering if our collaboration ends there? Not at all: we’ll continue to support you from this point onwards and be available to assist you with advice and action. Based on the analysis results, we’ll continuously optimize your app and stay in touch with you.


Based on these steps and the scope of each section, we’ll calculate the costs continuously and have detailed cost calculation discussions with you to ensure that both you and we always have an overview.

Need details or a personal consultation with us?
Matze and Mika are your contacts when it comes to your desired app or even just an idea.

Feel free to contact them by email or phone: / +49 176 57703783 / +49 15798454941

*Wireframes: simple schematic representations of web pages or screens; they are used to visually plan the structure, navigation, and placement of content before moving on to the final design.
*Low-fidelity Mockups: rough, simple visualization of a user interface without detailed design elements; used to demonstrate the concept and functionality of the application.

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