Deep5 – How it all began

Software Development Braunschweig

Even though we have been active as Deep5 for over 2 years now, the journey of our company goes back a few years… to be more precise, to the year 2015.

In the winter semester of 15/16, we, Allaa, Bakir, Lucas, Matze and Mika, began our studies of electrical engineering at the TU Braunschweig and with this step, still unknowing at the time, laid the foundation for Deep5.

We all bumped into each other on campus at some point, got to know each other and quickly became friends. From the very beginning of our studies, we were a team of 5 friends who still wanted to leave ourselves the freedom to develop individually. And that’s exactly what we did: we focused on different areas during our studies, spent semesters abroad, worked as student trainees and tutors and thus continued our individual education.

During this formative and instructive time, we all realized that our skills as individuals were limited despite our professional experience and, through numerous discussions and brainstorming sessions, we realized that together we had the potential to create something big and bold. What’s more, the idea of our own start-up had always occupied and appealed to us anyway.

Towards the end of their studies, Lucas, Matze and Mika realized a joint software project and ultimately solidified their desire to become self-employed. With this newfound enthusiasm, they successfully convinced Allaa and Bakir, as you can easily see, and also inspired them with the idea of starting their own business. So we were all on board and the journey took its course.

After the first joint decision came many intensive brainstorming sessions and we soon knew that we wanted to go through with it. No ifs, no buts.

During these sessions, the key motivation, our Big Five for Life, for the start-up crystallized. Our personal professional goals were all aligned and we wanted the freedom to be able to work from anywhere. Today, we also grant ourselves this freedom and like to work from Spain, for example, or simply flexibly from our home office.

We also realized that we could learn from each other and, in contrast to working for large companies, we could also implement cross-industry projects.

Last but not least, we looked at our different cultural backgrounds and were sure that our individuality and expertise could add value to our business, not to mention our friendship.

So we did it. We realized our common wish, we ventured into independence, we finally became Deep5. At this point we had been traveling together for 6 years, paused for a moment and for the first time saw a tangible piece of our common goals.

Some time after the foundation, our friend Bakir realized that he wanted to follow other matters of the heart in his life and said goodbye to us. Even though we let him go with a heavy heart, we were sure: we are still Deep5 and want to continue to be.

Today, we pool and merge our skills and experience to create innovative solutions in the world of software development. Even though 8 years have passed since we met, our journey has only just begun and we look forward to appointing, envisioning and achieving more goals.



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